DataTurbine deployment to acquire data from a part of floodgrid network in Taiwan


Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Water Resource Agency of Taiwan is devoted to various flood
control measures for flood-damage mitigation, such as dike
construction, channel dredging, flood diversion, flood retention,
watershed management, and drainage improvement. WRA has also been
actively developing new water resources to meet diverse water need and
demand, as well as to reallocate and manage available water resource
in order to reduce the environmental impact that might be brought upon
by development projects.

Cameras surveillance system is a part of the flood-damage mitigation
project. The system incorporates approximately 120 video cameras that
are used together with numerical sensors (depth, pressure etc) to
monitor various water resources: rivers, dams, WRA facilities, bridges
etc. Many of these targets need real-time monitoring during typhoons
when floodings are very common. The system spreads all over Taiwan but
is concentrated to the major cities: Taipei, KaoShiong, Tainan.

In collaboration with the National Center for High-Performance Computing
(NCHC) Taiwan, researchers at the Open Source DataTurbine Initiative members
deployed RBNB DataTurbine toacquire data from four surveillance cameras. This
is a first step toward a large-scale deployment of DataTurbine for this

Many thanks to our PRAGMA collaborators, especially Ebbe Strandell
and Fang-Pang Lin from NCHC, Taiwan

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