CloudTurbine: Integrating cloud-based file sharing with sensor stream management

CloudTurbine: Integrating cloud-based file sharing with sensor stream management

CloudTurbinetm is a new software tool that combines the benefits of cloud-based file sharing services with DataTurbine sensor stream management.

CloudTurbine is designed for sensor network applications that need to collect, manage, and share data in near-real time. These applications often employ the Internet at some point in their data paths. They therefore operate at time scales of expected Internet performance. We interpret this to be an average latency on the order of minutes. This constraint is inherent in Internet-based sensor network applications. For applications that can accommodate this constraint on network performance, the benefits are substantial, i.e., the entire world of Internet services and users is accessible. CloudTurbine was developed for these types of applications.

This class of applications is large, diverse, and significant. Most environmental monitoring applications fall into this class. This includes science applications (e.g., ecology, biodiversity, and marine biology), commercial applications (e.g., precision agriculture, smart buildings, personalized health and entertainment applications), and government (e.g., air and water quality monitoring, food inspection and safety, infrastructure and transportation monitoring).

CloudTurbine allows DataTurbine to employ cloud-based file sharing services to share sensor data in near-real time to numerous distributed applications. Any application that uses cloud-based file sharing services will have near-real time access to sensor network data. CloudTurbine can be used as a stand-alone application to interface sensor data to file-sharing services. CloudTurbine also provides seamless access to all of the existing DataTurbine tools and services:

  • Real-time Data Viewer (RDV)
  • DataTurbine MatLab Interface
  • A rich library of interfaces to popular sensors and instruments
  • Interfaces to commercial and science clouds (including Amazon’s EC2,
  • Direct compatibility with the OSDT Android SensorPod

We are now testing CloudTurbine on a lake monitoring application at the University of Wisconsin Madison/NTL Long Term Ecological Network.

Although the current CloudTurbine demonstration utilizes Dropbox (, CloudTurbine is compatible with any file sharing service, e.g., Google Drive (, and Microsoft OneDrive (


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