DataTurbine V3.4B3 Now Available

DataTurbine V3.4B3 is now available on Bitbucket:
This is a Beta release that includes some stability enhancements, and an upgrade to the WebScan viewer.

RBNB V3.4 Release Notes

V3.4B2 to V3.4B3 Changes

V3.4B3 released 06/10/2015.


• Stability tweak for potential source/sink thread contention during 100% CPU usage


• Updated WebScan Version (new scaling options, better IE compatibility, performance tuning)


• Flight Track application updates (TrackData/TrackKML), handle empty/NaN input better


• Updated source build (added memory for javadoc build, fixed installer desktop icon)

• New JUNIT tests, modeled after old Matlab regression suite

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