Coming Soon: DataTurbine Automatic WebScan Updates

“WebScan” is a great way to view DataTurbine data, but keeping the WebScan code up-to-date for DataTurbine (DT) has required a full new DT release, with WebScan code embedded in the update.

With an upcoming patch, DT will optionally be able to dynamically load the latest version of WebScan via a URL to a trusted Internet site (Github).  This will effectively provide automatic updates of WebScan while maintaining the relatively stable DT code base.  For those who wish a local, frozen copy of WebScan, it may still be downloaded and installed from the Github hosting site to your local computer(s).

This patch consists of a couple of small changes to the DT release:

  • The Apache Tomcat webserver (“WebTurbine”) has an updated web.xml configuration file enabling “CORS” (Cross Origin Resource Sharing), limited to the specific WebScan/Github code site.  This may be readily disabled/enabled by your site admin.
  • The DT Apache “webapps/webscan” folder will by default point to the Github site.  This entails a single up-front load of standard WebScan javascript code from the Github server to your browser, after which all communication is between your browser and your DT/WebTurbine site.


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