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DataTurbine Release V3.4b

As promised in an earlier News post, the recently published DataTurbine V3.4b release, DT can load the latest version of WebScan on-demand via a URL to a trusted Internet site (Github).  This provides automatic updates of WebScan while maintaining the relatively stable DT code base. The V3.4b pre-built Jar files also provide a more complete upgrade to […]

Coming Soon: DataTurbine Automatic WebScan Updates

“WebScan” is a great way to view DataTurbine data, but keeping the WebScan code up-to-date for DataTurbine (DT) has required a full new DT release, with WebScan code embedded in the update. With an upcoming patch, DT will optionally be able to dynamically load the latest version of WebScan via a URL to a trusted Internet site […]

WebScan V3.1B4 Release

An updated version of the WebScan data display application has been published at GitHub. This beta release has been tested with DataTurbine and fixes several bugs, optimizes performance, and adds a points-count to the upper left of the strip-chart displays. To update a current DataTurbine installation, copy the associated Webscan files into the DT webapps/webscan […]

DataTurbine Release V3.4a

This release updates the build system to Java 1.7 (from 1.5).  Code is the same, but may benefit from efficiency gains of newer compiler.  The build philosophy has been to keep the runtime code at older versions of Java to support legacy systems, but some of the modules were failing to compile with very old […]

WebScan V3.0 Release

UPDATE: V3.0 production release now available! WebScan V3b6 is a release candidate that includes many new features relative to the prior V2 version: Improved streamlined controls More responsive interface (scales better to small and large screens) Improved real-time tracking (auto switch from continous to newest modes) Multiple image layers with transparency Tested compatibility with current […]

CloudTurbine Website Goes Live

The new CloudTurbine website has been rebuilt from the ground up.  Its new layout is designed to provide an interactive web portal for open source code and application development. Features include: Landing page with overview of CloudTurbine concepts Menu bar leading to demos, documentation, downloads, forums Invitations for collaborators to signup and participate The site has […]

Data Management for an in situ Ocean Acidification Experiment

Data Management for an in situ Ocean Acidification Experiment Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI), Cycronix, and Open Source presented a poster on managing data using Open Source DataTurbine and CloudTurbine at the 4th International Symposium on the Ocean in a High CO2 World, April 29-May 6, 2016 in Hobart, Austrailia. The poster describes an application […]

OSDT DataTurbine Transition

The NSF sponsored project, Collaborative Research: SI2-SSI: Empowering the Scientific Community with Streaming Data Middleware: Software integration into complex science environments, is coming to a close. To ensure the sustainability of the DataTurbine Initiative community, the products and resources of the project have been transitioned to the public domain. These products and resources include the OSDT […]

OSDT Poster at High-CO2 Symposium

4th International Symposium on the Ocean in a High-CO2 World 3 – 6 May 2016, Hotel Grand Chancellor, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia An OSDT related poster will be presented at subject conference: Data Management for an in situ Ocean Acidification Experiment Abstract: Questions regarding the use of laboratory studies of the effects on ocean acidification (OA) have led researchers towards conducting more integrative field […]

DataTurbine V3.4B4 Now Available

DataTurbine V3.4B4 is now available on Bitbucket: This is a Beta release that includes some new runtime flag options, and includes the WebScan V2.0 viewer. RBNB V3.4 Release Notes V3.4B3 to V3.4B4 Changes V3.4B4 released 03/04/2016. Server • Add flag to specify number of filesets per archive (e.g more than default 10) WebScan • Updated […]

New OSDT DataTurbine Website

Welcome to the new OSDT DataTurbine Website! This is a WordPress migration of old Drupal site. Latest versions of Linux, Apache, mySQL, CMS (old site was out of date). Rebuilt from clean slate using content item by item from old site. Documentation uses pull-down/over menu to easily see and traverse topics. News items automatically incorporate the thumbnail image with each post. […]

MBARI CloudTurbine Demo

As part of the MBARI SI2 work to demonstrate DataTurbine related software, data from the underwater swFOCE system was integrated with the “CloudTurbine” (CT) software package. Document: MBARI_FOCE_CT_Demo.pdf

OSDT Usability Survey

Feedback regarding the usability of OSDT has been provided from several active OSDT users and collaborators, and is summarized in the attached document. This feedback is well considered and helps to focus future development and sustainability priorities. Download:  OSDTUsabilitySurvey.pdf

DataTurbine V3.4B3 Now Available

DataTurbine V3.4B3 is now available on Bitbucket: This is a Beta release that includes some stability enhancements, and an upgrade to the WebScan viewer. RBNB V3.4 Release Notes V3.4B2 to V3.4B3 Changes V3.4B3 released 06/10/2015. Server • Stability tweak for potential source/sink thread contention during 100% CPU usage WebScan • Updated WebScan Version (new […]

AGU Fall Meeting 2014 – OSDT SensorPod Poster

OSDT Initiative presents poster on Scripps Ocean Acidification Real-Time (SOAR) Monitoring Project Using OSDT Andriod SensorPod at the 2014 AGU Fall Meeting. The SOAR project is an operational ocean monitoring system developed as a collaboration between the OSDT Initiative and researchers at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography. It provides continuous real-time monitoring of key ocean […]

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