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DataTurbine V3.4B2 is now available

DataTurbine V3.4B2 is now available on Bitbucket: This is a Beta release that includes several new utilities, include the “WebScan” HTML5 data viewer. RBNB V3.4 Release Notes V3.4B1 to V3.4B2 Changes V3.4B2 released 11/20/2014. WebScan New HTML5 webapp data display application Runs under WebTurbine server as http://localhost/webscan/webscan.htm WebTurbine Update Tomcat from 7.0.19 to 7.0.53 […]

Security Review of OSDT Hybrid Sim

Cycronix, UCSD, and The Purdue and University of Connecticut Hybrid Simulation (HS) team members have collaborated to review security options for HS experiments. Using a layered perspective, the report considers two types of security: • Limit connections to specific trusted IP addresses at router. • Verify authenticity of digitally signed data packets. This activity was […]

CloudTurbine demo is available online

 A  new CloudTurbine demo is available at: It highlights some of the tools and applications supported by our NSF SI2 award. There is also a demo that uses video and audio data from NASA. The HTML5 “WebScan” viewer is one of many possible interfaces to the underlying CloudTurbine data server.  You can also use […]

OSDT Android SensorPod brochure available now!

A new tri-fold brochure describing the OSDT SensorPod is now available.  It contains a short description of the SensorPod, what it can do, and its benefits.  It also illustrates three SensorPod case studies: 1) a lake deployment in the North Temperate Lake LTER Network site, Wisconsin, 2) a terrestrial forest deployment at the Taiwan Forestry […]

OSDT GCE Matlab Toolkit, R, Kepler, and ODM integration

The SI2 programmer at North Temperate Lakes LTER site, Chad Sebranek, was able to add functionality to the ecological software stack above and beyond what was originally planned under NSF-funded SI2 grant. In addition to the GCE Matlab Data Toolbox, NTL site now has quality control and processing scripts in R. Chad collaborated with members […]

Peter demonstrates the SOAR Monitoring Program

On April 10th, I (Peter Shin) demonstrated the SOAR Monitoring Program deployed in the Scripps Pier ( during the demonstration session at the PRAGMA 26 in Tainan, Taiwan (  The core technology components of the SOAR Monitoring Program include OSDT Android SensorPod, OSDT and Social Network Services (SNS).  I coordinated my session with our long term colleague, Dr. […]

CloudTurbine: Integrating cloud-based file sharing with sensor stream management

CloudTurbine: Integrating cloud-based file sharing with sensor stream management CloudTurbinetm is a new software tool that combines the benefits of cloud-based file sharing services with DataTurbine sensor stream management. CloudTurbine is designed for sensor network applications that need to collect, manage, and share data in near-real time. These applications often employ the Internet at some point in their […]

Peter attends 2014 Ocean Sciences Meeting Hawaii

Date: Tuesday, March 11, 2014 On 23-28 February, I (Peter Shin) had the opportunity to attend the 2014 Oceans Sciences Meeting and visit Hawai’I Institute of Marine Biology (HIMB), where our colleague Erik Franklin has a lab.  During the conference, I had the opportunity to discuss a great deal about current ocean monitoring systems with engineers and executives […]

New OSDT Releases

Date: Wednesday, November 20, 2013 Updated releases of Open Source DataTurbine are now available at the OSDT repository website on Bitbucket.  Release notes and “install.jar” files are available from the “Downloads” page. V3.3 (production) is a fork of the V3.3B1 (beta) code with no changes.  No update required if you already have V3.3B1: V3.4B1 […]

UCSD and MBARI team participated in SI2 project conference call

Date: Wednesday, September 11, 2013 UCSD team members and MBARI engineering team had a phone call on 08/14/13 to discuss SI2 activities. UCSD team informed MBARI about the latest OSDT release that incorporates the OSDT-Matlab toolkit as well as several  performance and stability updates. This release is available at: UCSD team also shared presentations […]

First OSDT Android SensorPod Workshop Report Now Available

Date: Friday, August 16, 2013 The OSDT Android SensorPod is a custom-designed mobile computing platform for assembling wireless sensor networks for environmental monitoring applications.  Funded by an award from the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation to the University of California San Diego, the OSDT SensorPod represents a significant technological advance in the application of mobile […]

OSDT team members participated in Hybrid Simulation workshop

Date: Wednesday, August 14, 2013 Hybrid Simulation (HS) is increasingly being recognized as a powerful technique that offers the opportunity for global system evaluation of civil infrastructure systems to extreme dynamic loading. Advances in this field are enabling more cost-effective and efficient evaluations of new structural systems under realistic conditions. This workshop was held on […]

OSDT Sensor Pod Work wins best poster at MobiSys

Michael Nekrasov presented a joint project between Taiwan Forestry Research Institute, UCSD and Walailak University at the 11th annual MobiSys conference in Taipei. The Poster won a best poster award. The poster explored ongoing work using mobile devices for communication and computation for environmental sensor networks in Thailand. This work was funded by a Fulbright scholarship spanning […]

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