PNG plugin for display of numeric streams

Simple web interface to DataTurbine?

One question is “How do I display data in a web browser? The simplest answer to that is to use the PNG plugin, which renders numeric data into graphs on request. (You can also create a Java applet that runs in the browser, we’ve had mixed results with that approach)

This is a nifty Creare-supplied turbine plugin that takes data out of the turbine, plots it and outputs the result as a static PNG image. We’re going to use it to look at Fake DAQ and some internal server metrics.

The plugin is worth remembering. It’s an easy way to get a snapshot of any numeric feed in the turbine, which otherwise requires interpreting a IEEE float; ug.

Load up the turbine web interface in a new window. Make sure that you are on the same machine! The method they use to run programs and plugins only works on localhost! If you’re remote, it fails silently. If I need to do this, I usually open an X session to the server and run Mozilla via X11.

Scroll down to Plugins and select “Portable Network Graphic PlugIn – Converts time series data to a PNG format plot, viewable via most Web browsers.” You should see a page that’s titled ‘Portable Network Graphic Plugin’

For now, we’ll take the defaults. Note, however, that this is where you set the image resolution. If you want bigger pictures, this is where you change the size. Hit ‘Start Plugin’.

A quick check to see if everything is working

Load up this page, and you should see something like a ‘directory listing’ of the channels on the DataTurbine.

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