Using cat5 cable for serial cabling

Many instruments communicate over serial links, such as RS-232. It is often the case that such instruments will serve as DataTurbine data sources. Wiring these links with ubiquitous standard cat5 or 6 networking cables proves to be a significant convenience in our experience. Simply create a DCE/DTE adapter pair with these DB9/RJ45 adapters: According to this standard:

Here is a simple wiring guide to get it done:

db9/rj45 Adapter Wiring
DTE  DB9pin    DCE
O           1          Br
Bk          2          Y
Y            3          Bk
Br           4          O
R,G         5         G,R
–             6          –
W            7         Bl
Bl            8         W
–              9         –


Having done this, one can use standard networking cables to wire serial links.

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