Installing DataTurbine


Talking about installing DataTurbine is a bit misleading. Really, in terms of software, provided that Java is already installed on your system, DataTurbine runs without any installation.

What people really mean when talking about installing DataTurbine is the process of deploying the various pieces across your system in a way that meets your application.

Before jumping in and getting your hands dirty we recommend you read through the introduction to DataTurbine and have a firm understanding of the basic elements of Data Turbine (servers, source, and sinks). We also recommend that first time users go through the First Time Users install procedure before downloading the full DataTurbine package.

Get The Distribution That Is Right For You:

rbnb First Time Using DataTurbine
This guides you through the process of downloading and starting a DataTurbine Server for the first time, adding data, and accessing it using the Real-time Data Viewer. It is the recommended guide for first time users.
RDV_ICON Get Real-time Data Viewer (RDV)
The Real-Time Data viever is a java application developed and maintained by NEES. It provides a TiVo-like interface for interacting with live streaming data. It is one of many sinks can be used to pull data from DataTurbine.
package Full DataTurbine Install
Install the full DataTurbine package. It contains the rbnb.jar, a web start utility, as well as various sources, utilities, and their accompanying documentation. Once you have gone through the first time guide we recommend you download and install this full distribution.
code DataTurbine Source Code
Download the full source code for DataTurbine. DataTurbine is an open source project and welcomes you to modify DataTurbine and any included applications. Please note that modifications of the RBNB source code is rarely needed for most applications. Instead the rbnb.jar can be included in a java application to access the RBNB API.
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