Scenario: Interface with Existing System


A field site already has an existing archival system. The site wishes to add on DataTurbine to provide real-time capabilities. They want to expose the data to the public and other field sites.

The System

The field station uses a Campbell data logger and Loggernet to collect data and a custom architecture to put that data into a database, perform QA/QC and analysis.

The experiment will use a DataTurbine in parallel with the existing architecture. This will be accomplished by running multiple sources on the field station machine to load the data. To reduce load the DataTurbine server and the web server will run on a separate machine.

DataTurbine will expose the real-time streams and provide a service to continuously generate PNG charts to include on a website. DataTurbine will not be responsible for permanent storage or analysis.

Some clients will connect to the real-time data using the NEES Real-time Data Viewer (RDV). Others through a public web site.

The Parts

  1. Field Station
    1. Loggernet
    2. Custom Data Capture Architecture
    3. DataTurbine Sources
  2. Home Office
    1. Database Server
    2. Analysis Server
    3. Web Server
      1. DataTurbine Server (rbnb.jar)
      2. PNG Plugin (sink)
  3. Clients
    1. Website Access
    2. Real-time Data Viewer (RDV) (sink)


  1. Setup and run DataTurbine Server (rbnb.jar) on the web server
  2. Ask network administrator to open up port 3333 on the web server
  3. Start a series of sources to load data from Loggernet into DataTurbine
  4. Start PNG plugin on web server to generate graphs for the website
  5. Add the images to the website
  6. Clients can now load the data by visiting the website or open it in RDV



A system with a well developed architecture can still utilize the real-time streaming, analysis, mirroring, and visualization tools DataTurbine provides. Setting up a DataTurbine system in parallel to an existing system will preserve the existing methods and protocols. It is still possible to perform real time analysis and its possible to get the results into the database.

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