Setting up a Sink

What You Need to Know

Before you read this section make sure you understand the role of a DataTurbine sink, and know the address of a working DataTurbine server.

There is no single “DataTurbine Sink” that fits all applications. A sink is really just a class of program that reads data from DataTurbine.


Real-time Data Viewer (RDV) RDV provides an interface for viewing and analyzing live or archived time-synchronized data in the form of a java stand alone graphical client. It is capable of displaying textual and numerical data, still images, and video

RDV is developed and maintained by NEES.

MATLAB A series of .m files the connect DataTurbine to matlab
LabVIEW Integrates DataTurbine with LabVIEW
Google Earth Format alt/lat/lon DataTurbine channel data into a KML document for viewing in Google Earth.
rbnbPlot  Part of the OSDT Installation.




RbnbToFile Save Data Turbine numeric data into to a file
JpgSaverSink Save JPEG image frames from Data Turbine to the local filesystem
DT2DB Inserts the streaming data from DataTurbine into a relational database using JDBC.


rbnbAdmin Connects to a DataTurbine, displays a “tree view” of its current connections, and allows the user to perform certain administrative functions.


rbnbUDPCaster Fetches data from a DataTurbine channel and writes the data out as UDP packets to one or more specified recipient addresses
Programming a Sink  See the SAPI documentation.
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