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Data Turbine Utilities, DTU for short, is produced by NEES. It is a collection of a dozen or more Java-based programs written to make pushing data into and pulling data our of Data Turbine easier. Data Turbine Utilties can be used directly from the command line or as a software library through third-party Java programs.

Installing Utilities

Download NEES DataTurbine Utilities

This installaton software will overwrite previous installations of Data Turbine Utilities.

Windows and Mac users must run this installer using an administrator account in order to install correctly. Additionally, Mac users must run the installer as ‘root’ in order to install dtu softlinks into /usr/local/bin.

Linux: Users can run this installer with either normal or superuser privileges. Running the installer as a superuser (root) will install the software for global use. Normal users running the installer will find a ‘Data Turbine Utilities’ folder in their home directory, as well as a dtu softlink they can move at their discretion.

To verify that DataTurbine Utilities is intalled correctly, open up a terminal. Type ‘dtu’ and press return. If a dtu help menu does not appear, it will be because your system cannot locate ‘’ for Mac and Linux users or ‘dtu.bat’ if you are using Windows. You will need to add it to your system path.

Available Utilities

Utility Description
AxisSource Stream JPEG image frames from an Axis network server to Data Turbine
DLinkSource Acquires data from a D-Link DCS-900 camera
FileToRbnb Load numeric data from a file into Data Turbine
FlexTpsSource Stream JPEG image frames from an Axis network server to Data Turbine
JpgLoaderSource Load JPEG image frames from the local filesystem into Data Turbine
JpgSaverSink Save JPEG image frames from Data Turbine to the local filesystem
OpenSeesToRbnb Reads an OpenSees XML file and imports the data into Data Turbine
Orb2Rbnb Requests data from an Antelope ORB and transmits it to Data Turbine
RbnbToFile Save Data Turbine numeric data into to a file
PanaSource Stream video frames from a Panasonic camera or video server to Data Turbine
TextSource Append numeric data from a file into Data Turbine

Using DataTurbine Utilities

Data Turbine Utilities does not offer a graphical user interface. To use DTU after installation, please open a command-line-interface window and follow the instructions below:

If Data Turbine Utilities is correctly installed and on your system path you can run DTU by opening a terminal and typing:


To access help type

dtu -h

you can also access the help menu of a utility by typing


For example accessing the help on the AxisSource you can type:

dtu -AxisSource -h

For Experienced Java Users

The Data Turbine Utilities can also be accessed directly for command-line or programmatic use through the dtu.jar file located in the Data Turbine Utilities folder. This folder will be located in one of the following locations, depending on your operating system:

  1. Windows: C:/Program Files\Data Turbine Utilities
  2. Mac: /Applications/Data Turbine Utilities
  3. Linux:
    1. Global Install: /usr/local/Data Turbine Utilities
    2. User Install: $HOME/Data Turbine Utilities

Run it by opening a terminal and typing:

java -jar dtu.jar [-h][AxisSource | PanaSource | etc…]

Note: Include jar files located in the lib sub-folder in your CLASSPATH before using Data Turbine Utilities. All functionality is available through

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