Generic Image Source


The GenericImageSource reads a location periodicaly and puts the data into DataTurbine. It can read from a remote url or a local file.

The source is capable of reading from a server that provides data in the form of multipart packets (pushing images to the client on updates)

Setup / Usage

Download Generic Image Source

GenericImageSource is a Java program. Please open a terminal and run it by typing in:

java -jar GenericImageSource.jar -n “Name of source” -u “http://pathtofile.jpg”

Command Line Arguments

Option Alias Format Default Value Description
–help -h Print Help Message
–name -n <name> *required* Name of source to as it will appear in RBNB
–url -u <address> *required* The URL of the image to put into RBNB
–server -s <address> localhost The url to the RBNB server and the port
–frequency -f <milliseconds> 1000 Frequency (in milliseconds) to fetch images
–retry -r <milliseconds> 1000 Frequency (in milliseconds) to attempt to retry upon failure or 0 to not retry
–archive -a <frames> 2102400 Number of frames to store in archive (disk)
–cache -c <frames> 1440 Number of frames to store in Cache (memory)
–message -l <0-3> 3 Level of error messages

Loading From a Local File

The GenericImageSource can monitor a local file by prepending file:/// to the url path.

For example:

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