Using a Terminal

Why Use the Terminal

A “terminal” is a way of typing commands to the computer. That may sound very strange, but it’s actually really, really nice and easy once you get used to it. It bypasses the need to have a custom graphical user interface for every device type, and is ideal for servers that do not have graphical access.


Opening the Terminal

  • Windows
    • 7 / Vista: Open the start menu, enter cmd in the search field, and press enter.
    • XP/2K/95: Open the start menu and click Run, then enter cmd and press enter.
  • Linux
    • Unity: Dash -> More Apps -> Accessories -> Terminal
    • Gnome: Aplications menu -> Accessories -> Terminal
    • Xfce: Applications menu -> System -> Terminal
    • KDE: KMenu -> System -> Terminal Program (Konsole)
    • LXDE: Menu -> Accessories -> LXTerminal
  • Mac: Navigate to /Applications/Utilities and double-click on Terminal.

Using the Terminal

Running Java Programs Via the Terminal

Java programs that have the .jar extensions can be run from the terminal by opening a terminal window and typing:

java -jar path/to/program.jar
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