Sensor Pod

OSDT Android SensorPod

Android SensorPod is a custom designed mobile computing platform for assembling wireless sensor networks. The SensorPod itself is a complete package originally intended for environmental monitoring applications but can easily be configured to fit any sensor network or system.

The SensorPod project is completely open source with a growing community of developers and users. With this open source community SensorPod is endlessly customizable and the following documents can help you learn how to join us.

Why use Android SensorPod?

  • Real time data collection:Can be used for live event detection
  • Remote data collection:SensorPod can collect data for extended periods of time automatically
  • Open source, easily configurable:Almost any sensor can be configured to work with SensorPod
  • Cost efficient:The cost of all components are relatively cheap

What Do I Need to get Started?

  1. Have a need to acquire sensor data
  2. Understand how Android SensorPod can fit with your application
  3. Download, install, and run Android Sensor Pod application bundle on an Android Phone
  4. Acquire the parts required for making the SensorPod
  5. Assemble the hardware
  6. Test out the system

Where Can I Get More Help?

If you need help please contact us.

List of Sensors Integrated Into the OSDT Android SensorPod

Brand and Model Sensor Output signal type Communication protocol Signal translator Deployment site
Vaisala WXT 520 Weather transmitter [1] Air temperature / humidity, air pressure, rain / hail gauge, wind direction and speed Digital RS-232 No 3 sites of TFRI; NTL; Gukeng orchard of TARI; Sinmana Farm Stay, Thailand
Kipp&Zonen SMP3-V Smart pyranometer [2] Solar radiation Analog


0-1 V No To be deployed at LHC of TFRI in Fall 2013
FTS  FS-3-1 Fuel stick sensor [3] Fuel stick temperature / humidity Analog Temperature: 10 k ohm @ 25ºC

Humidity: 0-1 V

Temperature: Linear Technology LT1168AIN8#PBF


Humidity: no

To be deployed at LHC of TFRI in Fall 2013
Decagon 10HS Soil moisture sensor


Apparent dielectric permittivity /  Soil volumetric water content Analog 300 – 1250 mV No To be  deployed at Gukeng orchard of TARI
Decagon Drain gauge Model G3 [6] Water bulk conductivity / temperature / depth (CTD) Digital SDI-12 Vegetronix SDI-12 to RS232 Translator


To be  deployed at Gukeng orchard of TARI

Inductive Modem Module (IMM) [8]

Any RS-232 Sensors (e.g. SeaFET) Digital RS-232 with IMM RS-232 to TTL Scripps Pier at UCSD
PME T-chain [9] Thermistor chain Digital RS-232 RS-232 to TTL Crystal Bog Lake at North Temperate Lake (NTL) station, WI
Hydrolab Sonde DS5X [10] A suite of aquatic sensors (LDO, pH, dissolved oxygen, temperature, etc.) Digital SDI-12 SDI-12 to RS-232 (Vegetronix), RS-232 to TTL Crystal Bog Lake at NTL, WI











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