In a Nutshell

DataTurbine is a robust real-time streaming data engine that lets you quickly stream live data from experiments, labs, web cams and even Java enabled cell phones. It acts as a "black box" to which applications and devices send and receive data. Think of it as express delivery for your data, be it numbers, video, sound or text.

DataTurbine is a buffered middleware, not simply a publish/subscribe system. It can receive data from various sources (experiments, web cams, etc) and send data to various sinks (visualization interfaces, analysis tools, databases, etc). It has "TiVO" like functionality that lets applications pause and rewind live streaming data.

Why Use It?

What's Next?

DataTurbine has a long history of enabling scientists and engineers to record and distribute streaming data. Code (source and binary) is available for download at At this point it is frozen except for possible custom updates and fixes. Legacy website content available upon request.

For related next-generation technology, check out CloudTurbine at

More Info

DataTurbine software and website maintained by its inventor. For more info please contact: